Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I sequence my DNA?

How can my DNA help medical research?

Your personal DNA can help the scientific community to better understand how our biological bodies work. This knowledge will improve the way we cure patients in a more personalized way.

The Dayu platform will allow you to exchange your DNA data with the scientific community and be rewarded with DYU coins.


Why does Dayu give you DYU coins when you make a purchase?

Because we think you should be rewarded from the beginning for being part of Dayu's community and participating in the DNA sharing economy to improve the scientific knowledge and health.

As the Dayu's community grows, we will gain efficiency in the discovery of the roles of genes and new cures.

In the near future, you will be able to use these coins to buy other kits on Dayu's website or exchange them for € or $.

Why should I choose Dayu?

Because Dayu’s mission is focused on Health & Longevity, we want to help the healthcare ecosystem to find and develop new cures and enter the new era of personalized medicine also called precision medicine.

We believe each of us can live much longer in good shape to enjoy life if we keep discovering and learning about our biology.


What is the relation between Dayu and Dante Labs?

We are partners, Dante labs will sequence your DNA and generate your first report based on your information, then they will transfer all your data to Dayu.