Improving life through knowledge

Dayu’s mission is to help YOU live a healthier and, therefore, longer life. We want to slow down the process of aging, which causes a lot of diseases, stop it and even reverse it to become younger again.

We firmly believe knowledge and technology are central to disrupting and challenging the status quo. Next Genome Sequencing, gene editing, stem cells, CAR T-cells, artificial organs - We are ready to use every innovative tool, as soon as it becomes available.

A new era of medicine

Until now medicine has been empirical, only addressing symptoms of diseases. Now thanks to DNA, and other data, medicine can become functional, seeking and addressing the causes of medical conditions and providing precise and personalized treatments.

In the future, thanks to all the new knowledge being gathered, our medical state of being will be simulated on computers.

This means your will be able to know in advance the type of treatment necessary to heal or avoid any disease.

A vision for the future

To a great breakthrough in Medicine, we require a deep understanding of our biology, DNA, epigenetics, microbiome and other biological and environmental data.

Dayu is a biological data and a multidisciplinary R&D driven company, focused on delivering the best therapy and technology to our customers.

We set a precise and long term strategy to achieve this vision.

Act now to be part of the new health revolution!