Whole Genome Sequencing

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Whole Genome Sequencing

My Full DNA with Dayu and our partner Dante Labs gives you an unparalleled access to your health, your family traits and predispositions.

You also enter in the Dayu Platform, you will own your data and be able to sell it for tokens to the healthcare ecosystem.




- Health & Wellness Report

Report on 100+ common diseases, common hereditary cancers, 30+ wellness and longevity traits, including Lactose Intolerance, Deep Sleep and Diet

Reaction to  Medications Report

Insights on how your DNA influences your reaction to 150+ drugs, including dosage and adverse reactions

Customized Report

Customized Report on a disease or condition of your choice (ex. Epilepsy, Ehler Danlos, Mitochondrial Diseases)

Other topics and services will come in the future, like ancestry, related family, etc.

Access to Dayu Platform

Dayu Platform will store and secure your data, you will be able to sell the access of your anonymized data to the healthcare ecosystem to help develop the personalized medicine.

- 6000 DYU Tokens

As a customer of DAYU, you will also receive 6000 DYU credits as a gift to welcome you as one of the first member of our community of person who really wants things in healthcare to change and improve.

For now 1 DYU = $0,01


  • An investment for life: Sequence your genome once and learn more as science progresses

Explore 40,000 genes and non-coding regions in your DNA. Receive updated results as science evolves and new discoveries are made.

 - VCF file to download available

- 30X coverage