Your DNA, Your DATA, Your Value

Medical research can greatly benefit from your DNA and health data.

DNA is an asset, invest in our Whole Genome Sequencing test and get tokensĀ for your data contributions.

Discover yourself

Are you genetically good at maths? Playing piano? Running fast? Learning fast?

We believe your DNA can reveal your unique skills and talents, those you should nurture to unlock your full potential, your career. Now we are able to scientifically find out thanks to all of you.

A new era of medicine

Rapid advances in digital technology are transforming the face of medicine as we know it. Say goodbye to the old empirical approach trying to classify and remedy symptoms. The future is in understanding our biology through AI data-driven insights. This will enable personalized and functional treatments targeting the root causes of your specific conditions.
DAYU is spearheaing personalized healthcare by building the worlds most advanced health data analytics platform powered by AI.

Extend your life

Old age is just an accumulation of wear and tear on the systems of our bodies. As our knowledge about those systems grows, we aim to slow down, stop and perhaps even reverse the process of aging. Join DAYU at the front lines of longevity science and become one of the first humans to live a longer, healthier life.

Control your health

Staying healthy is becoming easier than ever. Now you can enjoy a daily stream of insights on how to improve your health, fitness and nutrition. By combining a detailed analysis of your DNA with daily monitoring of biometric health data, we can detect onsetting medical conditions long before they manifest and take timely action.